The Mysterious World of ROA

In the realm of street art, one enigmatic figure stands out—ROA, the talented muralist hailing from Ghent, Belgium. Despite the widespread documentation and photography of his creations,...
Second Hand by Zhanna Kadyrova

Second Hand Series by Zhanna Kadyrova

Ukrainian artist Zhanna Kadyrova continues her ongoing ‘Second Hand’ series, in which she builds ceramic clothes utilizing tiles discovered around the globe. For her 2019 installation at...
The Secrets of the Walls

The Secret of the walls

The Secret of the walls This photographic series "EL SECRETO DE LAS PAREDES" (The Secret of the walls) brings the game of body art to a whole new...

Life-Size Iconic Cars Created by Artists from Recycled Metals

50 artists from around the world got to a scrap yard in Pruszkow, Poland and started working on transforming these junk metals into life-size iconic cars. They...

Street Artist Paints Giant Butterfly Murals

Mantra is a talented France-based street artist who‘s been turning boring walls of residential and commercial buildings into giant pieces of art. By painting hyperrealistic 3D...

Impressive five-story “Our Lady of Grace” graffiti mural

Graffiti artists Fluke, Guillaume Lapointe, Antonin Lambert, DoDo Ose and Bruno Rathbone spent two weeks researching the project and gathering tools they needed and then worked 16...

Propagating machine piece by nevercrew

"Propagating machine" - Mural painting realized in Mannheim, Germany. NEVERCREW is a Swiss-based artists duo composed by Christian Rebecchi & Pablo Togni. They work together since 1996. ...

Street artist Neuzz is worth keeping an eye on

These murals are absolutely amazing. Inspired by Mexican culture such as skulls, the day of the dead, Papel Picado tales and legends, street artist Neuzz aka Miguel...

Street Artist Paints Fake Shadows To Confuse People

Damon Belanger, a local artist from San Carlos, created the stencil designs for his latest art project at his home before heading to downtown Redwood City where...

Greek Gods graffiti design by PichiAvo

PichiAvo is a Spanish based artist duo, composed by Pichi and Avo that together create graffiti design in the streets while mixing it with Greek gods and giving its...

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