Second Hand by Zhanna Kadyrova

Second Hand Series by Zhanna Kadyrova

Ukrainian artist Zhanna Kadyrova continues her ongoing ‘Second Hand’ series, in which she builds ceramic clothes utilizing tiles discovered around the globe. For her 2019 installation at...
The Secrets of the Walls

The Secret of the walls

The Secret of the walls This photographic series "EL SECRETO DE LAS PAREDES" (The Secret of the walls) brings the game of body art to a whole new...

Jean Nouvel’s National Museum of Qatar looks awesome

These new images by Dutch photographer Iwan Baan show the almost-complete National Museum of Qatar, designed by architect Jean Nouvel. The new national museum is currently being built...

The Disturbingly Beautiful Portraits of Stefan Gesell

Stefan Gesell, a German photographer, creates portraits that appear to be torn from the pages of sci-fi and horror novels. Using dynamic lighting and effects, the rawness...

Evocative Light bulb product branding and packaging design

Light bulb packaging design by Angelina Pischikova for CS combines the illustrations of insects and different shapes of light bulbs. CS — is the largest electrical...


Los Angeles based photographer Sal Moriarity hones in on the intimate space between two models. In this series captured stunning images of symmetry and flexibility. His keen...

Sexuality, Diversity and Selfies: Ed van der Elsken

The Dutch Photographer Who Inspired Goldin and Tillmans Who? Ed van der Elsken was a romantic, a self-biographer and a documentarist, obsessed with youth, protest, sexuality and the sub...

Typographic Visual treats by Becca Clason

Our eyes can also feast, especially of great design. This could be thought of when you get to see this work by graphic designer Becca Clason. She is...
Photo by Hufton + Crow

BIG’s VIA 57 West skyscraper captured at sunrise by Hufton + Crow

British duo Hufton + Crow have become the latest photographers to shoot BIG's first contribution to the Manhattan skyline, capturing the building's dramatic silhouette from across the...
"Imaginaria" series by Andrea Costantini

Beautiful Surrealistic Portraits Andrea Costantini

Born in Pescara, Italy, Andrea Costantini has always been fascinated by photography and Inspired by Surrealism and architectural structures. She takes pictures of faces and modifies them by...