Second Hand by Zhanna Kadyrova

Second Hand Series by Zhanna Kadyrova

Ukrainian artist Zhanna Kadyrova continues her ongoing ‘Second Hand’ series, in which she builds ceramic clothes utilizing tiles discovered around the globe. For her 2019 installation at...

Life-Size Iconic Cars Created by Artists from Recycled Metals

50 artists from around the world got to a scrap yard in Pruszkow, Poland and started working on transforming these junk metals into life-size iconic cars. They...

The world’s biggest installation of synthetic resin by Mercedes-Benz

Spectacular installation for the world premiere of the new G-Class in Detroit called "Stronger Than Time" which features a 1979 G-Class cast in amber synthetic resin. ...

Iron Ring will be installed at Flint Castle in 2018

Iron Ring is a large-scale, iconic sculpture for Flint Castle in the form of a 30m diameter rusted steel ring resting on the banks of The Dee...

Zuza Mengham encases British lichens within Jesmonite sculptures

Zuza Mengham encases British lichens within Jesmonite sculptures London-based artist and designer Zuza Mengham has created a series of five angular sculptures made from mulched British lichens and...

The macabre, fragile, and intriguing pieces of Emil Melmoth

Emil Melmoth’s wax, anatomical models revel in a dark and surreal environment, and where his depraved sculptures live in affliction: fragile beings in an eternally harrowing state...

The Incredible work of Kris Kuksi

Kris Kuksi creates incredible mixed media assemblages from found objects. He meticulously crafts incredible scenes and then paints the entire sculpture to tie it all together. In his artist...

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