Limited Production, Awesomely Designed Dillon’s 100% Rye Whisky

Dillons ArtistRealm Rye Whisky Blending Dark

For distiller Geoff Dillon, making spirits is a labor of love. And that’s the only way to describe this new 100% Canadian Rye from Geoff, the founder of Dillon’s Small Batch Distillers in Beamsville Ontario.

Dillons ArtistRealm Rye Whisky Blending Close

Years and years and years of planning, investment, hard work, sweat, tears, wins, luck and good people is what it has taken to produce Canada’s first 100% Rye Whisky in decades. Possibly since the 1920’s, US prohibition and other factors of the era created a panic rush boon for Canadian whisky; squeezing the majority rye content out of the world renown product and introducing cheaper more generic ingredients that could be made quicker and more on mass.

Dillons ArtistRealm Rye Whisky Blending Bottle

This ultra-premium category package design needed to tell the story of how Dillon’s came to make such a new expression of Canadian whisky while also engaging the audience with the concepts of what makes a real rye — rye grain, milling, malting, mashing, distilling in copper and aging in oak — all in Ontario Canada, right down to the Canadian Oak casks among the 3 oaks used.

Dillons ArtistRealm Rye Whisky Blending Isolated

Insite illustrated the concepts as a full continuous scene around the bottle which was screen printed and baked with ceramic inks. A pressure sensitive front and rear label carry specific release information and bottle numbers as well as cask number and release year to reinforce how special this product actually is.

Dillons ArtistRealm Rye Whisky Blending Close

Via insitedesign