The French artist Marion Fayolle presents this series of sexual illustrations under the name “Les Coquins”.

Each of them shows in a comical and even innocent, or somewhat surreal, way what one might expect under this type of art. Each illustration contains a dose of humor, surrealism, desire, and fantasies of the artist.

Sexual fantasies are a force that affirms life in its most outlandish aspects. One thus arrives at imaginaries such as those presented to us by each of the novels of the divine Marques de Sade.

This also happens in the cinema, where diverse fetishes and perversions are taken advantage of as if we were inside two Luis Buñuel films: Essay of a crime and Bella de día.

Faced with these tendencies, sordid say, we also have the absurd exploration of sex, as do the illustrations of Marion Fayolle.

In her work, the French artist shows us a look full of black humor, bizarre combinations, delusions, etc.

We leave you with its world populated with snails, ice creams, balloons, rabbits; all very strange, everything very upside down and great, after all.